Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That one

By Capt. Fogg

I can't count the times that I used to ask teachers questions that were answered by "go look it up!" Of course, that required fussing around in a library, sometimes for hours I had better uses for, but today we have it easy. We have the internet. Where is the excuse for accepting anything some politician says when he's trashing another politician? What is the excuse for spreading unexamined lies? Of course, the excuse is that we don't want to hear things that disturb our opinions; but in a democracy, that's a dereliction of duty, that's desertion.

Why else would the John and Sarah show still be flinging the shit at Obama like two monkeys in the zoo? They know they can say anything and enough people will believe it. They know all about Goebbels and the big lie, the oft repeated lie. It's all too easy in the 21st century to find out that the turd about Obama voting for tax increases 94 times is a willful deception. But they're still flinging that one.

Did McCain sponsor a bill for Fanny Mae reform? Hell no, but he's still slinging that one. He's still blaming Obama for the deregulation and lack of oversight that are the core of Republican philosophy.

Did McCain, as Obama told us, really intervene on behalf of campaign contributor and convicted felon Charles Keating who cost us all over three billion dollars? Hell yes, he did! Why does he insist he didn't? Why is he still telling that one?

And why is McDesperate still telling us that that one "says our troops in Afghanistan are 'just air-raiding villages and killing civilians'" when anyone can check and find out that one is not true?

And why does Jivin' John still promote his insurance tax credit for health care as a better deal when Obama says someone might have to spend twice the benefit just to break even? Obama is right, says CNN, so why is McCain still telling us that one?

McTricky is still out there telling us Obama would have health care taken over by the feds. It's not hard to establish that that one isn't true either. The American people won't like that? McCain likes it, of course, at least for himself.

And then there's the biggie: Slimy Sarah is telling people right now that Obama is palling around with terrorists. That, being an accusation of high treason, should have been carefully checked out and perhaps she did in her own barely literate way, but of course it's a lie. It's the kind of lie that gives us a window into the empty, vicious soul she claims is saved.

I could go on and on: the claims that Obama's campaign is being financed by Pakistani Muslims, that he is a Muslim, that he wasn't born in the US, that his biography tells us he's a Muslim. Things the dumbest of us could see through if they had the will. It's endless, it's relentless, it's vicious. It's a cesspool of lies.

McCain's jackals are telling us that Valerie Jarrett, a friend of the family is an Iranian who advises them on conducting Jihad in the US. She isn't. She's an American born of American parents of European origin in Shiraz where her father was running a charity hospital for children. That one is a lie of criminal proportions. That one is slander. That one is pure malicious evil.

And what does McCain's trophy wife say about her husband running the dirtiest campaign in a century? She accuses Obama. Lies are clean, the truth is dirty, and I'm starting to wish I could really believe in a hell for such loathsome creeps to fall into.

I won't go on. I don't have the stomach for any more of this most egregious campaign of lies in American history. When I listen to Palin, giggling in front of her barking dogs; when I hear John wheedling and whining about how he can do this and that -- I need to take a shower. I need to forget I belong in this country where such things go unchallenged, where people don't bother to take time to look it up, to check, to do their duty as a citizen -- just because it's so much fun to be a laughing idiot, a chuckling bigot, a damned liar, and a Republican.

(Cross-posted from Human Voices.)

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  • Great post, captain. Goebbels was most likely the person that Lee Atwater and Karl Rove most wanted to grow up and become. They both learned well. Far too many Americans are either lazy or stupid, or a combination of the two. There is a good reason that critical thinking is hardly taught in schools any longer. The government doesn't want people to be able to think, to reason, to read between the lines. My late father, a liberal until his dying breath at 81, always used to say the American people get what we deserve. Let's see how that plays out in a little less than four weeks.

    By Blogger Bob's Blog, at 6:06 PM  

  • That's just what I'm afraid of - that we get what we deserve. Of course by "we" I mean "them"

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 10:50 PM  

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