Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Obama's best. Day. Ever.

By Carl

Wow! To read up on both Memeorandum and the Google News homepage, this must be Barack Obama's best day on the campaign trail!

Obama Over Fifty Percent In Florida - So The Daily Show focus group was NOT an outlier!

Debate Moderator "In The Tank" For Obama - The world according to Mickey Mouse, MALKIN, I mean: Black journalists can only now write about white people.

Nervous GOP Urge McCain To Attack - Apparently, they want the negative campaigning to get even stiffer. What else can McCain do? Claim Obama's a "tar baby"?

No Sale - Fudgie The Whale finds that NBC executive Jeffrey Zucker is behind an Obama Youth video... OOPS! -- wrong Jeff Zucker! He can't keep his Jews straight, even on Rosh Hashana!

Poll: Obama Has 15 Point Lead In Pennsylvania - Maybe he bought the entire state's guns and Bibles?

Springsteen, Joel To Headline Concert For Obama - OK, this one I might go see, just for shits and giggles.

New Voters Like Obama, But May Not Show up at Polls - I've had dates like that. Still, outpolling McCain 2 to 1 in new voters is a good sign for Obama.

Jay-Z concert in Miami for Obama - Not to be outdone, hip-hop is representin'!

Palin To Debate As Edge Wanes Among Wal-Mart Moms - You can lead a redneck to a candidate, but you can't make them vote!

Palin refuses to name papers, mags she reads - In defense of Sarah, this is a step up for the United States. She can read.

Palin Continues to Question Human Role in Global Warming - Or perhaps she can't, adfter all

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