Friday, October 03, 2008

The next day debate musing

By Creature

Well, with a night to sleep on it, I want to give Joe Biden greater props. Focused as I was on Sarah Palin I really did not pay enough attention to Joe. I guess I'm so used to seeing Biden do his thing that I didn't appreciate, in real time, how knowledgeable and likable he is. I suspect there is a big swath of America that does not know Biden very well, and for those people the contrast between Biden's knowledge and Palin's canned answers must have been crystal clear.

Sarah Palin may have exceeding expectations (which wasn't very hard to do considering how low they were going in) but Joe Biden shined. There were two people standing on that stage last night and only one of them proved they were ready to be vice president, and, more importantly, president, and that was Joe Biden.

For a ton of debate stuff, see Meme.

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