Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's his biography, stupid

By Creature

As I said last night, I believe Barack Obama not only won last night's debate, I believe he put the race away. In retrospect, however, it wasn't his health care as a "right" answer, and it wasn't even his successful punch-back to John McCain's "he doesn't understand" mantra, it was his weaving of his biography into the debate that really won the night (and possibly the presidency) for him.

The lower John McCain gets in the polls the harder he is trying to make Obama into the untrustworthy, terrorist, "other" who came out of nowhere. John McCain likes to remind his mobs that they "know him." Well, last night, in front of a huge audience, Barack Obama was able to bring up his mom, her death from cancer, the fact that he had little growing up, his education, and finally his wife to combat that "other" tag. So, not only did Barack Obama reassure America that he has the policy chops, foreign and domestic, to lead the country, he reassured America that he is one of them as well.

The man raised his game last night to Clintonian levels, I'm sure the polls will follow.

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