Friday, October 03, 2008

Biden soars, Palin bores

By Libby Spencer

I don't have a whole lot to say about the debate. I put up my requisite post debate analysis at Detroit News so all I'd add here is that Biden did great under difficult circumstances. He had to dance a fine line between shredding Palin on her still obvious ignorance and appearing too aggressive in doing so. I think he rose to the occassion admirably and managed to keep the focus on the top of the ticket rather than take the numerous cheap shots Palin offered up as targets.

Palin for her part managed to meet the sub-zero expectations of her perfomance but didn't manage to exceed them, not even by a subatomic particle. Her fan club will praise her as the winner, the rest of America will yawn at hearing the same talking points she's been pimping since the day McCain dragged her on stage. The only point that really resonated was her open admission that she wants the office of VP to accrue even more unlimited power than the wildest of Cheney's wet dreams. Low info voters probably won't pick up on that point, but if this debate changed anything, it will be to energize the Obama supporters to work even harder to prevent the disaster that a McCain administration would bring.

Bottom line, Biden came across as a serious candidate for a serious office at a critical time in our country. Palin came off as a vapid beauty queen with a fake, fixed smile and a badly hidden mean streak, running for Miss America. I don't think it will affect the polls much at all. It may reenergize the base for a while, but to the extent that the debate was any kind of game changer, it's that Palin showed she has nothing new to say and the media may start ignoring her and put the focus back on Obama and McCain, where it belongs. On those terms, it's a win for Obama.

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  • I also fail to see how anyone thinks Sarah Palin "won" the debate. Although she did not stumble over words, her profound ignorance of anything outside of Alask was on full display.

    Like a lot of other women, I am sick to death of the assumption that women hate her because she is good-looking. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

    She did not answer the questions because she wouldn't have known what she was talking about. And we have every right to expect a lot more from a VP candidate from either party. Instead, she fell back on corn-pone folksiness and generalities.

    Last, but not least, this exalting of someone who is a "Washington outsider" is becoming stale. An ill-informed and intellectually incurious outsider is not an asset in terms of a powerful position.

    Being a Washington insider does not mean lack of mental ntelligence or moral integrity.
    But that's up to the individual himself or herself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 PM  

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