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The Most Fabulous Object In The World

By J. Thomas Duffy

Not too many have noticed, as it has been going on for some time.

And, no doubt, following yesterday's Rules and Bylaws Committee resolution to the Florida-Michigan kerfluffle, we'll continue to get more, likely amped up louder, more forceful, more desperate.

What are we talking about?

Only that Hillary Clinton is The Most Fabulous Object In The World.

Hillary and her band of Clintonistas have embraced the Terry Gilliam film Time Bandits, claiming they have the map (and only they have it) that shows Hillary to be "The Most Fabulous Object In The World."

Here was Hillary, just a few days ago, writing to the superdelegates:

Recent polls and election results show a clear trend: I am ahead in states that have been critical to victory in the past two elections. From Ohio, to Pennsylvania, to West Virginia and beyond, the results of recent primaries in battleground states show that I have strong support from the regions and demographics Democrats need to take back the White House. I am also currently ahead of Senator McCain in Gallup national tracking polls, while Senator Obama is behind him. And nearly all independent analyses show that I am in a stronger position to win the Electoral College, primarily because I lead Senator McCain in Florida and Ohio. I’ve enclosed a detailed analysis of recent electoral and polling information, and I hope you will take some time to review it carefully.

In addition, when the primaries are finished, I expect to lead in the popular vote and in delegates earned through primaries. Ultimately, the point of our primary process is to pick our strongest nominee – the one who would be the best President and Commander in Chief, who has the greatest support from members of our party, and who is most likely to win in November. So I hope you will consider not just the strength of the coalition backing me, but also that more people will have cast their votes for me.

Want more?

Here was Lanny Davis (still crying), writing in The Wall Street Journal just yesterday (and never mind about the irony of appealing for support via Rupert Murdoch-owned media):

First, Sen. Clinton is more experienced and qualified to be president than is Sen. Obama. This is not to say Sen. Obama cannot be a good, even great, president. I believe he can. But Sen. Clinton spent eight years in the White House. She was not a traditional first lady. She was involved in policy and debate on virtually every major domestic and foreign policy decision of the Clinton presidency, both "in" and "outside" the room with her husband. She has been a U.S. senator for eight years and has a record of legislative accomplishments, including as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee ...

Third and finally, there is recent hard data showing that, at least at the present time, Sen. Clinton is a significantly stronger candidate against Sen. McCain among the general electorate (as distinguished from the more liberal Democratic primary and caucus electorate).

Davis even, after the committee meeting last evening, roamed the hotel's hallways, ranting to anyone that would listen to him how Hillary Clinton is "The Most Fabulous Object In The World."

(And we can't ignore Davis's uncontrollable sobbing earlier last week.)

And in the Prophetic Department...


We have Hillary tossing around assassination manhole covers (and her cronies claiming she's the victim) and her husband intimating the biggest mystery since The 39 Steps, that there's a conspiracy to deny Hillary the nomination:

"I can't believe it. It is just frantic the way they are trying to push and pressure and bully all these superdelegates to come out," Clinton said at a South Dakota campaign stop Sunday, in remarks first reported by ABC News.

Clinton also suggested that some were trying to "cover up" Hillary Clinton's chances of winning in key states that Democrats will have to win in the general election.

"'Oh, this is so terrible: The people they want her. Oh, this is so terrible: She is winning the general election, and he is not. Oh, my goodness, we have to cover this up.' "

Clinton did not expound on who he was accusing.

"The Most Fabulous Object In The World."

Ahh, but we know, from Time Bandits that "The Most Fabulous Object In The World" was just a ruse to lure one into the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness, where Evil resided.

Do Hillary and her band of Clintonistas follow the map all the way?

Does this all end up in the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness?

Well, "the drinking-from-the-Lanny-Davis-cup" Harold Ickes intimated that at the RBC meeting, bitterly (another irony) chastizing his fellow board members for tossing Hillary overboard, saying he was "empowered by Mrs. Clinton" to reserve their right to continue claiming Hillary is "The Most Fabulous Object In The World" to the Credentials Committee.

Here's the video of it.

Based on what went down yesterday, with the RBC clearly indicating they don't want to go near the Ultimate Fortress of Darkness, it's likely the Credential Committee will give Ickes an Ickes-like thrashing right back:

Did Hillary campaign with the sceptre of entitlement, underestimating Obama, and all other candidates?

You bet your ass she did ...

Did Hillary lose this primary fight?

You bet your ass she did ...

Is Hillary attempting to hijack the nomination now?

You bet your ass she is ...

The Clintons are quickly becoming Willie Mays with the Mets, or Joe Louis opening doors in Las Vegas.

Relics of the past, of better days, a sad memory jolt, of when once they were on top.

The Dems, to stay in the Time Bandits motif, are going with the Supreme Being, the antidote, the protector, the one standing up against the Ultimate Fortress of Darkness.

Hillary, complete with her band of Clintonistas, marched into the primary campaign, boasting of entitlement and inevitability, of just showing up, of Hillary being "The Most Fabulous Object In The World," setting their campaign strategy up to Super Tuesday, when, the following day, the coronation would take place.

Hillary campaigned to win an election.

Obama, meanwhile, dug down, from the roots, setting himself up across the land, building support from the ground up.

Obama campaigned to win the primaries, to win delegates.

And therein lies the difference.

From the U.K.'s Telegraph:

Dee Dee Myers, the former press secretary to President Clinton, said: “It seems clear to me from watching her, and talking to people, that she doesn’t really know what she wants.” But after 17 months of campaigning, and $150 million (£76 million) spent, the question that haunts the Clinton camp is: how did someone who a year ago had unrivalled name recognition, a legendary campaign organisation and more money than her opponent contrive to throw it all away?

The answers come down to wrong message, wrong tactics, complacency, character – and, ultimately, the opponent. Even Clinton aides agree that she wrongly sold herself as a candidate of experience, when voters yearned for Barack Obama’s message of change. Her campaign machine then failed to win January’s crucial opening Iowa caucuses, handing lethal momentum to Mr Obama.
Her staff mistakenly believed they could knock her rival out by “Super Tuesday” on February 5, when 22 states voted. When that did not happen, she had neither the resources nor the organisation to compete in the succession of caucuses that followed, allowing Mr Obama to build the delegate lead he maintains to this day.

Closing out with Time Bandits, if Hillary is "The Most Fabulous Object In The World," then John McCain is the smoldering, dead piece of Evil sitting in the toaster oven.

The best advise we can offer at this point is, Obama, stay away from the toaster oven, the Evil. It will implode, soon enough, all on its own.

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