Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Posting

By Creature

6:39 -- Just settling in for the big night. It's incredible how ambivalent I've become about this whole primary thing. We've gone from a feel-good campaign when all this started (remember the diversity, remember Gravel), to a feel dirty, shower often, mud wrestling match. A match where nobody is coming out clean (though, that was Hillary's goal once she started losing).

Right now, Wolfson, Clinton's spin-man, is on the TV calling a win a win, but it's hard to imagine the superdelegates not coming out for Obama in force if she wins by anything less than five. A win, is not a win. I always go back to the fact that Barack Obama was a true underdog in this thing (Pennsylvania and overall) and the fact that he's on the verge of the Democratic nomination, against a former first lady with name recognition up the wazoo, is still an incredible political feat.

I'll update again soon and Michael should be around a bit later (boss-man is out doing an interview with CTV Newsnet about tonight's primary--impressive, I know). For now, it's dinner time.

8:00 -- The polls are closed and it's too close to call. No surprise there (though, Pennsylvania was supposed to be Clinton country, so maybe there is a headline here).

8:40 -- MSNBC has switched their call to "too early to call" (with Hillary in the lead--which means the victory for Clinton may be bigger than expected).

8:51 -- And, it's called for Clinton. Let the spinning begin. Oy.

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