Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hillary's war vote matters, how history judges her is just more Bush

By Creature

I don't really care that Hillary has once again lied by claiming she was critical about the Iraq war before Obama was. In the end they both failed to stand up to Bush after the war was well underway. However, I do care that she voted for the war in the first place, and trying to explain away that vote, again, is an exercise in futility. She can't. She was wrong. She weighed the political consequences and decided it would be better to be on, what she hoped, would be the winning side. Again, she was wrong and thousands are dead. A strong anti-war voice was needed. Hillary Clinton could have been that voice. She could have made a difference. Instead she was a cheerleader.

If Hillary was the only Democrat left standing I would be forced to support her, but until then I cannot in good conscience sit back as she tries to belittle those who had the courage, and yes it took courage, to stand against the "serious" in Washington, and the media, to say no to Iraq.

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