Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The right to vote

By Capt. Fogg

It's too bad the Republicans don't have a candidate worthy of my support, because my feelings about the way the Democratic party esteems my right to vote has me in the mood to kiss the lot of them goodbye. Yes, I live in Florida.

CNN contributor Roland Martin feels otherwise. Our nasty Republican governor should have followed the rules of the Democrats, says he - or at least should have instructed the Florida legislature to "stop grandstanding" by moving up the primary. I wonder whether he has ever seen a governor successfuly "instruct" a legislature, particularly when it comes to insisting that they set aside the needs of the State that elected them in favor of DNC rules.

"But folks, I'm sorry. Knowing full well how the two political hacks --­ also called governors of Michigan and Florida -- deliberately chose to ignore the Democratic Party rules and try to leapfrog the other states, I just don't have any compassion for them,"

says Martin, as though his compassion were worth having, as though it were the Republican governor suffering here and not the voters and contributors of the opposing party. What is worth having is the right to vote and to have a party that puts that right above their bizarre need to have the least relevant states vote first. It isn't the governor - a Republican - who is being disenfranchised Rolly old chap, it's me and my fingers may not yet be cold and dead, but you'll not pull my vote from them without at least being called a smug hypocritical hack trying to make an ethical issue out of your private agenda.

I raised holy hell about the unconstitutionality of the SCOTUS interfering with my state's right to recount its own votes and so did the Democratic party. I was apoplectic when a Republican hack removed tens of thousands of Democrats from the voter rolls in 2000. I feel just as strongly about the Democratic party making my vote irrelevant by putting their rules ahead of the will of the voters and the future of the nation and I say that even though I didn't vote for the winner.

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