Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Potomac Primary Live

By Creature

UPDATED FREQUENTLY -- MJWS comments in red.


7:09 - An early call of Virginia for Obama. Virginia was supposed to be a tight race and it looks like Obama's going to win it big. Of course, since it's just Virginia, and not a state named Texas or Ohio, it doesn't count.

7:32 - I guess I have to mention that the GOP side is too close to call. McCain's having trouble closing the deal. Kinda embarrassing, if you ask me.

8:00 - D.C goes to Obama. Of course, since D.C. has a large African-American community, it doesn't count.

8:26 - Why do I bother with CNN? Oh, right, because it's Channel 33 on my digital cable, while MSNBC is way up near 200. I'm not about to watch Fox News, and at least CNN doesn't have Chris Matthews. (Although maybe Matthews and Lou Dobbs cancel each other out.)

Anyway, such ridiculously idiotic commentary: A few minutes ago, Gloria Borger said that today could be the start of some positive momentum for Obama (something like that). Then, Jessica Yellin said that there really hasn't been any momentum in the race so far, that for Obama it's been a win followed by a loss. Honestly, what race are these two watching? Do they have a clue -- any clue? Why are they on television? Why should their commentary be taken seriously? Why are they being paid to spew such idiotic nonsense?

First, Obama didn't just start winning today. He won easily in South Carolina, then won more states than Clinton on Super Tuesday, then swept the contests this past weekend, and now is poised to win all three contests today. You want momentum? There's some freakin' momentum. Second, it hasn't been a win followed by a loss for Obama. Yes, his win in Iowa was followed by a (narrow) loss in New Hampshire, and Clinton did win some key states on Super Tuesday, but, since then, it's been all Obama.

9:12 - It's not just that Obama is winning big, again, it's that he's now taking Hillary's voters from her too. He's exceeding expectations and controlling the narrative. I'll never count Hillary out, but there may be something to this momentum thing after all.

9:30 - And the sweep is complete. Maryland lands in Obama's column. Another "significant" margin of victory. But, of course, Maryland voters are unserious cultists, so they don't count.

9:48 - Obama on the TV. I don't think he's mentioned Hillary once. She ignored his wins, he ignores her. It's a frontrunner's speech, for sure. He's taking the mantle and running with it.

And, I might add, his speech isn't only a frontrunner's speech, it's a very liberal one too.

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