Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Denounce vs. Reject (Otherwise known as Hillary's "meaning of is" moment)

By Creature

In case you missed the debate last night, here's the low-light: Russert reached into his bad of gotcha tricks [see: 10:05 of my live blogging] and pushed way too clumsily on Obama's fabricated link to Louis Farrakhan. Hillary took it further and, both she and Russert, looked dumb in the end. Denounce vs. reject, my ass.

TPM has more.

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  • NBC folks also could not figure out the difference between "Reject" and "Denounce". They along with new anchors may have to go back to school to learn english literature.

    I see lot of "Dumb folks" who does not know the real meaning between these 2 words. Here's a bit of education for ya folks.

    Denounce is used for "Condemn", "Criticize", "Censure","Accuse", "deplore", "Depreciate" or in simple terms just "point the finger at". The antonym is "Support".

    Reject on the other hand is "Refuse", "Rebuff", "Decline", "Snub", "throw out", "discard" , "disallow", "eliminate" etc.

    Get is loud and clear that there is a difference and both are not same.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:47 PM  

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