Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please let this be the last debate live blogging

By Creature

8:50 - Honestly, I don't know if I have it in me to live blog the whole thing, and I do warn all readers now, upfront, that I'm done with Hillary Clinton. Be prepared for foul language and anything but a fair and balanced view of this debate. That being said, the big set-up for tonight is: which Hillary will show up? I doubt she'll be as off the rails as we've seen the last few days, but if the last few days tell us anything, she will come out swinging. As far as Obama, he doesn't have to do a damn thing tonight except get through the next hour-and-a-half.

9:03 - Good, they switched up the seating (though I do wish they had them standing up). Right off the bat Brian Williams asks Hillary about the difference in her tone since the last debate. Hillary says, [para-phrasing, of course] "I have respect for the guy next to me, but we have differences." She's trying to keep her cool. She's pissed because she believes deeply. Now Brian Williams brings up the Obama "dressed" photo. So long as she doesn't play dumb about the photo, I'm OK with it. She doesn't, she scores a make-up point with me. Obama brings up Hillary's own negative mailings. His hitting, but, oh, so, gentle. Obama: "But we haven't whined about the negative mailers, robo-calls etc." Good job. Hillary: "Obama's mailer is almost like the GOP wrote it." Ouch, though kinda true. Obama: "Hillary is not being accurate about my healthcare proposals." It's all about healthcare again. And, yes, we get it Hillary, you're passionate. Back forth, back forth. They are both having trouble holding back. Brian Williams is trying to change the subject, no such luck. Obama's trying to hard to get a word in. Dude, just let her talk. Sixteen minutes later...

9:19 - Brian asks about NAFTA, Hillary responds with a canned reference to Saturday Night Live because somehow she's always asked the questions first. Huh?

9:21 - On to the meat of NAFTA. Sorry, Hillary, you have no standing here. NAFTA is a Clinton baby, live with it.

9:31 - Still talking NAFTA. Obama's doing fine. And, again, Hillary does not have a NAFTA leg to stand on. Russert: "Hillary, in 2000 you pledged a zillion jobs for upstate NY, are you too exuberant now as well?" Hillary: "Doh, I was expecting Gore to be president. My bad."

Brian Williams moves on to foreign policy and Hillary's comparison of Obama to Bush. Obama: "Longevity in Washington is not experience." Amen. Obama: "We are not safe. We are bleeding cash." She's getting ready to slam him as naive. This will be interesting. Hillary: "I have put forward my extensive experience. Many people, like Obama, gave speeches." Bull. Again, Hillary, you have no standing here. He gave a speech, you sent thousands to die. Hillary: "Obama wants to bomb Pakistan and hug evil leaders." Obama's not happy. This response should be interesting. Obama: "My speech mattered. It wasn't just a speech. I was in a Senate race. Iraq was a big blunder. You helped drive the bus into the ditch, Hillary. You gave in to GWB on day one. You enabled GWB." Yes, yes, yes.

9:44 - Russert on Iraq: "If you pull out, and Iraq goes to crap, do we go back in?" Hillary hits Obama, out of nowhere, on Obama not calling Europe oversight hearings. Huh? This tack must be part of her kitchen sink attack. I give her credit for trying, but these non-sequiturs are annoying. And, despite Hillary's insistence on talking, we are at a commercial break.

9:52 - Back from break. Brian Williams asks Obama about Hillary and her mocking of Obama's preaching. He plays it cool. It's not all talk. He lists his accomplishments. Ethics reform etc. His suit seems fuller than his critics would like America to believe. Hillary responds: "I was just 'aving a laugh." Hillary just linked Obama to Dick Cheney and his energy bill. Ouch, can't run from that one, Obama. Sucks for you.

10:05 - Russert tries to hit Obama on public financing and his promise to opt in. Obama: "Sorry, Tim, I am not the nominee yet." Tim, be honest, he said he would negotiate, he never said he would opt in. Russert turns to Hillary and her hidden tax return. Ugh, instead she begs for money. Hillary: "Can't release the forms right now. I don't even have time to sleep." Hopefully, soon, Hillary, you'll be getting plenty of sleep. Russert has turned this whole segment into a gotcha segment. Annoying. Farrakhan time. Obama: "I've denounced him enough and stop bringing it up. Jewish folk love me. Their security is sacrosanct." Talyor Marsh must be thrilled that Obama's getting hit with Farrakhan. Hillary: "There is a difference between denouncing and rejecting." Boy, oh, boy, how fuckin' petty. Obama "rejects" Farrakhan, gets applause, and Hillary just looks dumb.

10:20 - Williams asks Obama on him being rated the number one liberal. Come on, Obama, embrace the title. Nope, he runs from it. Oh well. Like I've always said, I may support Obama, but he disappoints me now, and will surely disappoint me later, just like every other damn politician out there.

10:25 - Second to last question, anything you want to take back. Hillary, takes back her Iraq vote, she wouldn't do it again, and she would never go to war. Sorry Hillary, too little too late. Obama, talks about Terry Schiavo, regrets not standing against it. Obama, gives props to Hillary and is proud to campaign with her.

Last question, what question must your opponent answer to the voters in order to prove worthiness. Obama: "Hillary would be worthy as a nominee. It's McCain that sucks. I'm better because I can bring the country together." He closes well with the qualities he can bring to the race. Hillary: "Both of us feel strongly about our country. Honor to campaign, but I still want to win." She nicely plays the women card. And, again she gets the last word.

Well, that's it. I think Hillary pushed things a bit. She tried hard to bring Obama's negatives in, but to no avail. I didn't like her SNL reference. Overall, Obama didn't slip, so it was a wash, and a wash goes to Obama.

Post-game - Andrea Mitchell: "Ohio is now the test for Hillary. If she wins Ohio then she moves on." What happened to Texas? Can't anyone do math?

Morning Update: Debate transcript here.

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  • Creature, you captured it well. Thanks for including Texas at the end.

    By Blogger Carol Gee, at 6:32 AM  

  • And this post made memeorandum. Congrats!

    By Blogger Carol Gee, at 6:34 AM  

  • Glad you liked, Carol. It'll be interesting to see the new Clinton spin on how Texas doesn't matter.

    By Blogger creature, at 10:11 AM  

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