Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A sad farewell

By Edward Copeland

John Edwards is quitting his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president today. While I voted for Obama, I was always torn since I admired Edwards a great deal and I will miss his voice in the race.

On the other hand, Edwards' timing is impeccable. By quitting now, that means Thursday night's Democratic debate will be Obama vs. Hillary, one-on-one, for the first time. It also means that a great many of Edwards' supporters, who most likely are also anti-Hillary voters, will switch to Obama's camp in an effort to stop her, just in time for Super Tuesday.

I hope Edwards doesn't leave the national stage for good. If Obama should win, perhaps Edwards can be his attorney general and try to repair the damage that the Bush appointees of Ashcroft, Gonzales, and Mukasey have inflicted over the past seven years.

John Edwards, I commend you.

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  • I'm with you, Edward. I'm sad to see him go. But it was time, the right time, and now we can watch as Clinton and Obama go one-on-one heading into Super Tuesday.

    I'm not so sure his support will go to Obama, however, or at least most of it. It may divide evenly between the two. Or maybe not. I haven't seen any numbers on the second preferences of his supporters. The question is whether he will formally endorse anyone. (He and Gore are now the two key Democratic figures yet to endorse.) I suspect he'll wait until after Super Tuesday. After all, he wouldn't want to alienate either one. And he'd be a fine AG pick for either one.

    By Blogger Michael J.W. Stickings, at 12:20 PM  

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