Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The big Las Vegas hug-a-thon

By Creature

I didn't watch it. Eh, what can you do? But from what I'm reading this A.M. it seems like Hillary, Barack, and John had a happy threesome on stage. I'm glad to hear Hillary distanced herself from Bob Johnson's Obama drug use comment. To deny what was meant by Johnson's comment, as her husband had, would have been ludicrous. I'm also glad to hear a bit of contrition from Obama over his campaign pushing the MLK flap. However, if anyone believes this actual Kumbaya moment will last, I got a surrogate, or two, waiting in the wings to learn you otherwise.

And, speaking of surrogates, I agree with Gandelman. Too much Bill is hurting Hillary. And, not to mention, a bit unseemly for a former president, and supposed Democratic leader, to be throwing punches with this much glee.

Update: I may have been too quick to give Hillary distancing credit above. Steve Benen thankfully watched so I didn't have to and finds Hillary on both sides of the Johnson fence (imagine that):

Clinton got a little tripped up on the Robert Johnson flap. On the one hand, she said we should take Johnson at his word. On the other, she said Johnson’s comments were “out of bounds.” I’m pretty sure those two positions contradict each other.

Sorry, Hillary, Johnson's word is crap. Your association with him is just another nail in your pandering coffin.

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