Saturday, January 05, 2008

All hail the Obama buzz

By Creature

Three articles. Three ledes. A legend is born.

[Thursday night Obama took a] "big step," [he] "swept to victory," [his win was] "historic," [his campaign] "caught fire," [the guy took a] "major stride," [yes, it was an] "historic bid," [sure, the man] "rolled to victory," [dude, he] "swept past" [her], [while] "pushing" [her away]."

Now that's some good press.

Bottom line for NH (and beyond): if Hillary goes negative, as Bill suggests, she will be finished. I'm not saying negative ads don't work. I'm not saying whisper campaigns don't work. I am saying, Hillary raining on Obama's coronation won't work. This is bigger than Hillary. Gasp.

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