Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Dubya the Iranian Candidate?

By Edward Copeland

Could George W. Bush be the Iranian Candidate? Like Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate, who spouted anti-communist rhetoric while secretly working for their agenda in the U.S., could Dubya really be an Iranian plant? Can you imagine anyone else who has done as much for Iran than he has?

I originally wrote those words in a tongue-in-cheek post on my blog July 26, 2006. Now, in light of this week's National Intelligence Estimate, I have to wonder if I stumbled upon the truth in my jest.

Think about it. He lumped Iran in with the Axis of Evil just as students and reformers were making strides in that country. Dubya may want to blame everything on Iran's batshit crazy president, but he didn't win election until after the Axis of Evil speech.

Iran was similarly held in check by the buffer of their crazy neighbor next door, Saddam Hussein, but Dubya took him out and turned that country into a chaotic mess where Iran's religious leaders wield influence they never had before.

Over in Lebanon, a fledgling democracy gets cut off at the knees by Iranian-backed Hezbollah who baited Israel into a conflict that set Lebanon back while Dubya stood off to the side, cheering on the fighting as long as he could.

Dubya's lip service to democracy in the region has made radical Islamic elements gain more power in Egypt.

If you want to go way back to the "issue" in question, where did Iran get the nuclear technology it was using to develop both weapons (now apparently abandoned) as well as energy? By the same Pakistani scientist who gave nuke knowledge to North Korea by way of using the ports of the United Arab Emirates, whose deal to gain control of important U.S. ports Dubya tried to save.

Now, with the various U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously deciding that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons pursuit four years ago, Dubya tries to play dumb and say he had no idea while he pumped up World War III rhetoric. What has happened as a result of this dismantling of what little credibility Dubyaland had? Iran's president, who was growing unpopular in his own country for failing to deliver on campaign promises, has gained in popularity.

I still think Dubya isn't smart enough to cook this up on his own, but he certainly could be a brainwashed dupe. If Dubya is the Iranian Candidate, perhaps Darth Cheney is Mrs. Iselin.

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