Saturday, November 17, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things Markos Moulitsas will have to look out for when working with Karl Rove at Newsweek

News Item: Karl Rove Hired As Newsweek Contributor To ‘Balance’ Markos

By J. Thomas Duffy

10. Markos will need to remember, when they bump into each other, to call him "Turd Blossom", not "Turd Face."

9. Markos have to come up with a good response, when trapped in the elevator and Rove, boastfully, challenges him with "And how many times did the Grand Jury call you in?"

8. Markos can't look sheepish when Rove presses him on "How many governors did you get thrown in jail?"

7. It's back to school for Markos, to brush up on and learn that New Math of Roves'

6. If Markos wants to vote in 2008, as long as Markos works with Rove, he needs to verify - frequently - with his local voting commission that they have his correct address.

5. One thing Markos can definitely ignore -- dancing lessons from Karl Rove.

4. Markos shouldn't bite when Rove tries to get him to answer "And how many U.S. Attorneys did you get fired?"

3. If Markos has any family or relatives that work, covertly, for the CIA, he's got to keep that info away from Rove.

2. Markos will have to come up with somebody, to be their brains, or have to endure Rove's sing-song taunts of "I'm Bush's Brain ... I'm Bush's Brain ..."

1. Markos shouldn't bring up, or interview, Margaret Spellings... Karl's still a little touchy about it ...

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Markos: If he offers, pass on the dancing lessons.

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