Friday, November 16, 2007

The disgrace debate

By Edward Copeland

Anyone who reads me knows that it is my mission to stop the Democrats from making the fatal mistake of nominating Hillary Nothing-But-Ambition Clinton as their 2008 standardbearer because she will be the easiest for the GOP to beat in an election that should be a cakewalk.

However, I'm not going to whine about her today. This post is solely to slam what used to be a reputable news channel, CNN. Their debate last night was atrocious. There have been criticism of the moderators and questions at other debates (such as Tim Russert), but by God, at least NBC knows how to corral an audience. It was ridiculous to hear candidates drowned out by boos because the audience had been stacked with so many partisans.

As a TV show, it failed as well with that inane opening giving us a glimpse of the "pre-debate photo op." Yes, that's something essential that America needs to see while Wolf Blitzer drones on and time is wasted. Some of the best parts did come from the audience questions, but that turned ridiculous by closing with the diamonds or pearls question for Hillary, memories of boxers or briefs dancing in my head. Of course, that was at an MTV forum, not CNN.

As for the debate itself, it seemed pretty much a wash to me. Obama fumbled a bit at times and Edwards seemed cowed by the ridiculous booing. Once again, Biden always ends up being the most thoughtful and entertaining candidate on the stage. It's a shame his campaign isn't going anywhere.

I have to ask why the Dems snubbed Fox debates when this CNN debacle had to be worse than even the worst Fox debate could be.

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