Monday, July 23, 2007

Michael Moore at C&L

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Michael Moore was at Crooks and Liars yesterday afternoon taking questions from readers. Check it out here.

From Howie Klein's intro:

Michael is more dangerous to the entrenched Establishment than almost anyone else in America because he can focus a great many people on a pressing national issue and stimulate independent thought, emotional identification and anger. Their pathetic attempts to denigrate him and silence his message – as in the case this month of CNN’s corporate doctor Sanjay Gupta – have failed miserably.

I agree. Moore is not beyond reproach -- I have had a few problems with each of his major films (with respect more to technique than to substance) -- but he is one of America's most important and compelling public figures dealing with some of America's most important and compelling issues (corporate plutocracy, guns and violence, Iraq and terrorism, and now health care). He and his work are indispensable.

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