Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The monster in the mirror

By Creature

I just came across this paragraph from a post on Blogs for Bush [I will not link, that's what The Google is for] regarding the "monster among us" as reason for the Virginia Tech shootings:

The monster I refer to is the monumental depravity of our society - the combination of glorified violence, socially acceptable rudeness, a sea of pornography, seeking to assign blame rather than accept responsibility, rampant greed for the things of the world, the concept of "its ok to lie" in certain mix this vile brew and you will be forced to drink it to the dregs...and what happened [Monday] was just another sip of the cup.

This Bush booster needs to take a good long look into his conservative mirror.

  • Glorified violence: the war in Iraq, a death penalty lust, torture
  • Socially acceptable rudeness: the vice president telling Senator Leahy to "go fuck himself," Bush's use of the middle finger
  • Sea of pornography: Libby's novel, Bill O'Reilly's novel, Lynne Cheney's novel
  • Assign blame rather than accept responsibility: Alberto Gonzales re AttorneyGate, Donald Rumsfeld re Abu Ghraib
  • Rampant greed: war for oil, war for Haliburton, corporate cronies
  • The concept of "it's ok to lie" in certain circumstances: Gonzales, Libby, Rove, Cheney, Bush
Of course I could go on with the examples (feel free to pile on in the comments), and I'm not dismissing the poster's assertion outright (our culture surely must take some of the blame), but the thrust of the argument here is undoubtedly that liberals, the liberal media, liberal Hollywood, etc. are responsible for creating this "monumental depravity," and I'm just saying someone needs to look under their own bed first, before projecting monsters elsewhere.

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