Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Study Group Roadshow

By Creature

There is definitely an Iraq Study Group (ISG) political show going on today. The ISG was at the White House this morning. They visited Congress this afternoon. They called Maliki directly. And, now, the broadcast networks are pre-empting their soaps for the big ISG press conference. It all seems so well orchestrated that it is hard to imagine the White House hasn't approved the show and that they aren't going to use the study group as political cover. It's a shame, however, that the core suggestion of the study group -- that is to push the Iraqis to stand-up (with a possible stick replacing the carrot) -- is exactly the course we have been on for the last three years. Sorry, but beyond the recommendation for high-level talks with Iran and Syria (and some really dire talk about the situation in general), there is nothing groundbreaking here.

Well, at least nobody is talking about going big.

UPDATE: Shakes says she has nothing to add to the blogosphere's ISG reactions, yet somehow she manages to add a lot.

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