Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Get a room

By Creature

Why is consensus on Iraq strategy a good thing? Why is bipartisanship a good thing? Doesn't compromising on Iraq mean that the Republicans -- who have been so wrong, for so long -- get to have half of their piss poor ideas still on the table?

And as I watch the ISG coverage on the TV I can't help to go back to what I said last week when their initial recommendations were leaked:

[T]he bipartisan panel charged with finding domestic political cover for a situation out of our control has reached a toothless compromise as they jerk each other off, pat themselves on the back, and enjoy their Oprah moment.

Interview after interview the ISGers still love themselves more than they love the troops. I just wish they'd get a room, preferably a room outside the Green Zone in Iraq.

David Broder has more on the ISG circle jerk.

Matthew Yglesias has more on the ISG recommendations that turn out to be moot even before the ink has dried.

Spencer Ackerman gets the last ISG word.

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