Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Democrats "closer" to taking control of Senate

By Michael J.W. Stickings

According to MSNBC, "there is no evidence of a national Democratic 'tidal wave,'" but new polls "show Democrats are slightly closer to taking control of the Senate than they were last month". See the article for the latest results from Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Missouri, New Jersey, Washington, Montana, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In Washington, Cantwell (D) is well ahead of her Republican challenger. But Democrats need to win six of the other seven races to take control of the Senate. Pennsylvania and Ohio look good, but the other races are extremely tight. Allen (R) has a four-point lead in Virginia and Whitehouse (D) has a five-point lead in Rhode Island, but the spread in the other four states is only two or three points.

Which means: turnout, turnout, turnout. Democrats may be "closer" than they were, but Republicans can still pull off victories in these extraordinarily close races.


IMPORTANT: See MyDD's "Use It Or Lose It: A Call for Action From the Netroots," with phone numbers of Democrats in safe seats. Call and "ask them to give 30% of their campaign funds to Democratic challengers and/or party committees!"

For more, see Taylor Marsh and Ezra Klein (via LG&M).

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