Monday, October 09, 2006

The Axis of Evil has nuclear weapons

By Vivek Krishnamurthy

Various news outlets are reporting that North Korea has just conducted a successful nuclear test. If there ever was any question of the utter stupidity of pursuing phantom WMDs in Iraq, instead of worrying about the real threat posed by Pyongyang's nuclear program, it is as bright as an atomic flash in the night sky. The Bush Administration has failed to prevent WMD proliferation in the most spectacular way tonight. And with the quagmire in Iraq sopping up most of its forces, and its international diplomatic credibility at a low ebb due to its egregious violations of international law these last few years, it has no good options to respond. This is going to be one sorry mess. The world has become that much more dangerous tonight.


Update: See also the AP and The Washington Post. -- MJWS

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