Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The relentless demise of Katherine Harris

We've had some good fun tracking the demise of Katherine Harris, haven't we? Think back to her ignominious perseverance, then her desperate rebirth, and then her pathetic implosion.

Well, with her candidacy entering its final throes, let's have some more. According to The Miami Herald, the implosion, as pathetic as ever, continues:

In only three months, U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris has lost almost half of the Republicans who planned to vote for her, according to a new poll that suggests the congresswoman has little chance of unseating Sen. Bill Nelson...

Were the election held now, Nelson would best Harris 57 percent to 29 percent...

Even in the Republican primary, Harris would fare poorly... [A] March poll against an expected challenger showed she garnered 72 percent of the GOP vote. But now, against three little-known GOP opponents, she wins only 36 percent of the vote.

And there will no doubt be more to come -- "Harris [has given] little indication she's giving up" -- until we can finally call her a loser in November (if not sooner).

The Germans have a good word for this: Schadenfreude, taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. I'm not necessarily proud of my pleasure-taking in Harris's misfortune, but can I help it if her demise brings me so much pleasure?

It's her comeuppance, isn't it? (And what is that but justice?)

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