Friday, June 16, 2006

A coward and a liar

By Creature

Dick Cheney makes me want to heave.

First, the coward part. It's simply laughable that this war-loving ass, this deferment-using creep, this CIA-outing fool, this blustery bully, can talk a good confrontation game, but when it's time to answer questions he cowers behind the shield of conservative talk radio. Yesterday, not wanting to be left out of the sham debate the GOP was having around Capital Hill, the vice president decided to add his two cents to the conversation. Did he talk to Chris Matthews? Did he talk to Charles Gibson? Even a word or two with clueless Larry King would have been sufficient. No, our brave vice president goes on Sean Hannity, for a confrontation free, ass-kisser to war monger, interview. Mr. VP, you are a coward.

Okay, now onto the lying.

"It's [the Iraq war] also, I think, in part responsible for the fact that we haven't been hit again in nearly five years. That's no accident," Cheney said.

"The fact is, we've taken the battle to the enemy. That's been the key to the safety and security of the American people these last few years, and we need to continue to do it," he said.

Dear Dick, don't you think it's been dumb luck, Osama's patience, and maybe a bit of good police work, that have kept more attacks from occurring on our soil. C'mon, Mr. VP, don't be sly, tell the American people how the Iraq war has created more terrorists who want to blow us to bits. Tell the American people how they will be facing the blow-back from your misguided Iraqi adventure for years to come. But, why should you level with the people? Why should you tell them that the Iraq war is the biggest military blunder in American history. You made your millions, your cronies have made their millions, and poor schmucks like me will be left to face, and fear, the increased terror against this country. Mr. VP, I don't have a secured location to run to when the bombs start going off. Glad to know you'll be safe, fat, and happy thanks to your damn war.

Update: The Heretik has more.

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