Wednesday, February 15, 2006

DICK CHENEY QUAIL HUNT (the game) + an update

Given ongoing interest in this story -- wholly justifiable, in my view -- I've moved this post up the main page and republished it for today. My two previous posts on the Cheney shooting are here and here. To go to the main page, click here.


You want funny? This is funny.


Of course, this is not funny. Not at all. Cheney's victim, 78-year old Republican attorney Harry Whittington, "suffered a 'minor heart attack' this morning after a piece of birdshot moved and lodged in his heart" -- the Post reports here.

What else is going on?

Also at the Post, Dana Milbank notes that "press secretary Scott McClellan reloaded this morning and took aim at Dick Cheney himself" (who knew McClellan had such a good sense of humour?).

In a great piece at Time, Mike Allen reveals this: "Vice President Cheney overruled the advice of several members of the White House staff and insisted on sticking to a plan for releasing information about his hunting accident that resulted in a 20-hour, overnight delay in public confirmation of the startling incident, according to several Republican sources." Be sure to read the whole thing.

Crooks and Liars has a couple of good round-ups here and here (the former begins with a link to my post here -- thanks, as always, to the great guys at C&L).

At the Journal, Brooks Barnes has a round-up of late-night humour from Stewart, Letterman, Leno, and Kimmel. Funny stuff. I can't wait for tonight's Daily Show.

The L.A. Times reminds us that Cheney "did not have proper hunting credentials," namely, "the required $7 stamp for bird hunting". Hey, when you're bombing the crap out of Iraq, what's a $7 stamp?

Once again, check out all that latest at Memeorandum.

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