Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney's got a gun...

(Think Aerosmith... Hey, I came up with that before Jon Stewart came on tonight. He just flashed the same headline on the screen. At least I'm in good company.)

In case you missed it, Cheney shot someone.

And it's the story of the day -- check out the latest at Memeorandum.

Here's the deal: Michelle Malkin thinks it's just a "media feeding frenzy," but even National Review Online's John Podhoretz thinks the "story is a very big deal"; indeed, continues Podhoretz, Cheney could "be damaged goods for the remainder of the Bush presidency".

Al Franken finds some humour in the story. The Carpetbagger reports on how the story is "piquing the nation's interest" and Firedoglake has post after post on the ins and outs of the shooting and its aftermath. Taylor Marsh looks at Dick's "bad news day" and provides some useful links.

The Raw Story shows just how the White House press corps went after Scott McClellan today and Editor & Publisher reveals that Bush was told about the shooting but not until much later about Cheney's key role in said shooting.

CBS News and The New York Times report on the lag between the shooting and the reporting of said shooting. TalkLeft asks some interesting questions that, in my view, deserve some equally interesting answers. And from Shakespeare's Sister, this: "[I]f Cheney had decided that the media shouldn’t be notified, would we ever have known?" Hmmm.

Skippy points to the other victims of this whole madness, the quails. Absolutely. Cheney's just a thug. He sets up the world so that he can take out his deep-rooted anger on those who are weaker than he is. Hence the invasion of Iraq on trumped-up fears, hence hunting farm-raised quail who don't stand a chance.

Kevin Drum, ever perceptive, examines "the meta-Cheney narrative": "Can this episode get any more ridiculous? The Veep's office can't rouse itself to say even a single word about what happened, but somehow they have the time to assure us that Cheney is good for the seven bucks he failed to pay for an upland game bird stamp? Are they trying to cement his reputation as a callous and scary reactionary, or what?"

I think his reputation can do without any more cementing. It is what it is. We already know he's "a callous and scary reactionary".

There's a lot of great stuff I haven't included here, much of it by bloggers I really, really like. Go to Memeorandum and have some fun.

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