Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Senate stands up to the White House

From the Times:

The Senate signaled its growing unease with the war in Iraq [yesterday], voting overwhelmingly to demand regular reports from the White House on the course of the conflict and on the progress that Iraqi forces are making in securing their own country.

The vote, 79 to 19, came on an amendment to a spending bill that ultimately passed without opposition. The bipartisan support for the amendment sponsored by Senator John W. Warner, the Virginia Republican who heads the Armed Services Committee, reflected anxiety among Republicans as well as Democrats.

Sure, just before this vote the Senate rejected a proposal by Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.) "to demand that President Bush set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq," but this 79-19 vote was pretty clear in and of itself.

Get the message, Mr. President? The Senate... really, the American people want to know what's going on. They want to know the truth. Not more of your lies, not more of your spin, not more of your quoting out of context, not more of your tasteless, partisan attacks. The truth.

Is that too much to ask, too much to demand of their president?


As usual, Joe Gandelman strips it right down: "Cut away all the diplomatic language and it's clear that despite their differences members of Congress of both parties are not going to sit back and give the President a free pass anymore. He's going to have to start answering to them on some matters that he should have been answering for to Congress to all along. The reason: polls show Bush is weak, Democrats see an opening, and Republicans don't want to cement their careers to George W. Bush anymore."

See also The Carpetbagger Report, Firedoglake, Democracy Arsenal, The Mahablog, and Sirotablog.

On the libertarian right, see QandO.

And this, from Captain's Quarters: "It isn't unreasonable to have Congress call for some accounting from the White House on the status of Iraq, given the 150,000 troops currently deployed on a police mission there." I don't often agree with him, and I don't agree with much of the rest in this particular post, but Ed Morrissey is definitely one of the better, more thoughtful bloggers on the right, and we all need to be paying attention to what he writes. This one's no exception.

One more: The Glittering Eye, which I always enjoy, has an interesting take.

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  • My virginal journey into the world of Bloggers was fraught with terror. I'm more comfortable already. Nice, respectful balance between writer and responders.

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  • Thanks for the kind words, Eddodashrink. I'm glad you liked it here and I hope you keep coming back. I encourage comments. I read them all and respond whever I can. I'd certainly like to see The Reaction become a sort of forum where readers can engage with me and with each other.

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