Friday, November 04, 2005

From bad to worse for 43

ABC News has Bush's latest approval numbers here: "An increasingly unpopular war, an ethics cloud, and broad economic discontent have pushed public opinion of the Bush administration from bad to worse, infecting not only the president's ratings on political issues but his personal credentials for honesty and leadership as well. George W. Bush's approval ratings for handling his job, Iraq, terrorism and the economy are all at career-lows. Sixty percent of Americans disapprove of his work in office overall, a level of discontent unseen since recession chased his father from office."

For more, see The Moderate Voice, The Carpetbagger Report, Political Animal, Donklephant, and Oliver Willis.

And, on the right, Outside the Beltway: "So, presidents have hit 40 and recovered. But Bush is fighting the twin dragons of an unpopular war and worries over the economy."

It's not looking good for 43.

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