Monday, October 24, 2005

Sign of the Apocalypse #23: Professor Cameron Diaz

I know it's something of a joke, but so much for academic excellence. AP reports:

Cameron Diaz surprised a class at Stanford University when the Charlie's Angels star helped lead a lecture on environmentally friendly design.

Diaz's appearance came as part of taping for an mtvU program called Stand-In, in which celebrities teach a class. On Tuesday, Madonna lectured students at New York's Hunter College.

A champion of environmental causes, Diaz served as a sidekick for friend and renowned environmental architect William McDonough, a consulting professor at Stanford.

"He's very charismatic, captivating," Diaz said of McDonough, who Time magazine once called "Hero for the Planet." "Bill is one of those people who is thinking big, but is also producing."

Students gasped and giggled when Diaz interrupted the class during McDonough's lecture, and later lined up to snap pictures with the actress on their cell phones.

A joke... and, yes, a good cause. But Cameron Diaz? And Madonna?

The dumbing down of the American mind continues...

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