Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MJWS at The Moderate Voice

I just wanted to let you all know that in Joe Gandelman's brief absence I posted more than usual the past couple of days over at The Moderate Voice.

In addition to the post on the latest troubles in Northern Ireland, which I first wrote for The Reaction (see here), I wrote one on the battle over Holocaust Day in Britain, since re-posted here, then one on the start of the Roberts confirmation hearings and one on Mike Brown's resignation as director on FEMA. Given time-sensitivity and length, I won't re-post the latter (on Roberts and Brown) here, but if you're interested in those continuing stories I urge you to check them out over at TMV. In addition, I wrote one on Bush's collapsing approval rating and one on Bush, Katrina, and race. I won't re-post the former, given how tired I am of reporting on the obvious and the justifiable, but I will re-post the latter, in revised form, just below this one (scroll down or click here).

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