Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yuan a piece o' me?

My friend and colleague Vivek Krishnamurthy, who runs the Dominion Wine & Cheese Society (see link, right) and who has provided a good deal of technical support over here at The Reaction (in fact, he turned me on to Blogger in the first place), is something of an expert on economics and international trade (not to swell his ego or anything), and the other day he posted an excellent piece on America's trade deficit, specifically in relation to China. Check it out here. As something of a fiscal (moderate) conservative myself (a real one, that is, one who believes in responsibility), I agree that the U.S. would do well to get its "own fiscal house in order" by rolling back some of Bush's tax cuts and substantially reducing the deficit (which only burdens future generations with a massive debt that may sink American prosperity). In this sense, Vivek is right that the U.S. is currently plagued by "responsibility avoidance". It's time to do something about it.

In short, there's nothing conservative about the conservatives in Washington -- where conservatism, under Bush, has come to mean class warfare in the form of irresponsible tax cuts that favour the highest tax brackets and renewed dedication to the very unconservative concept of Big Government. This should concern both liberals and conservatives, not to mention sober moderates who emphasize responsibility, but the madness goes on.

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