Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Blogging for Darfur

As I have written about Darfur in recent days, I thought I should mention a blog called Coalition for Darfur, a joint effort by Demagogue (on the left) and Southern Appeal (on the right). Such bipartisanship is rare in the blogosphere, I know, but the Coalition does some excellent work raising awareness and otherwise generating support for a truly worthy cause. How best to deal with Darfur remains the big question. Nicholas Kristof suggested a few ideas (short of full-out military involvement) in the Times yesterday, and I responded to his column, and vented my own moral outrage, here at The Reaction: see here (and check out the comments to that post for additional reflections). This debate will continue, with different suggestions proposed, but one thing is clear: What's going on in Darfur is an atrocity. Let's at least agree on that. Then maybe we can work to get something done.

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