Monday, May 09, 2005

Sign of the Apocalypse #4: Paris Hilton, American princess?

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Okay, way too easy and way too obvious. I couldn't resist. From a recent interview with AP (with real-time commentary by The Reaction):

AP: What's hot right now in entertainment? What TV shows do you watch? What music are you listening to?
PH: I only watch The Simple Life [episodic Signs of the Apocalypse, with or without Nicole]. I don't have time to watch anything else. I like 50 Cent [strike one!], Maroon 5 [strike two!], Britney Spears [strike three! yer out!].

AP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
PH: I don't know. Married to my boyfriend with two kids and a house [yeah, right]. Still acting and doing stuff [acting?!].
AP: What kind of wife would you be?
PH: A good one [uh-huh]. I'd cook and clean [and make home movies for easy internet downloading].

AP: Why are you so popular?
PH: I don't know, because of who I am [a blithering idiot with way too much inherited money and unwarranted fame]. I'm not like anybody else [phew!]. I'm like an American princess [which is why America's a republic].
AP: What would you be like if you were - I don't know - Paris Smith?
PH: I'd be the same [just not a media whore]. Maybe I'd be a veterinarian [don't you have to go to school for that?].
AP: In your career, what are you most afraid of happening?
PH: I don't know. Nothing [is going on in my brain].
AP: Nothing? What about in your personal life?
PH: I don't know. Death [oooh!].
AP: Why? What's so scary about death?
PH: Because I don't know what happens.

She doesn't know much, does she? But she's soooo deep!

But, once again, what's worse, the shallow phenomenon known as Paris Hilton, soon to burn out for good, or the usual fawning and groping of entertainment reporters who sustain themselves by sucking at the teat of celebrity-worship?

Enough said.

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