Monday, May 09, 2005

Dobbs, Shmobbs: Xenophobia on CNN

Do you ever watch CNN? Do you ever watch Lou Dobbs? Even a snippet? Do you ever wonder what the hell he's on about? I mean, with all his talk, over and over and over, of outsourcing sending good ol' American jobs overseas to undeserving, good-for-nothing foreigners, of hordes of undeserving, good-for-nothing foreigners swarming over the borders to take good ol' American jobs from good ol' Americans, of undeserving, good-for-nothing foreigners -- now illegal aliens! -- stealing jobs and public finances from good ol' Americans and otherwise destroying America as we know it? Does his Americanism shtick just make you want to puke, or perhaps even destroy your TV set in a fit of rage over how this idiot got his own show in the first place, and why CNN, supposedly the anti-Fox, allows him to go on TV every evening to spew his moronic, Pat Buchananite xenophobia?

Then check out Tim Goodman's latest in the San Francisco Chronicle. Key passage:

And now Dobbs is running amok inciting the nation about undocumented immigrants while CNN chooses to do nothing about his fear-mongering. Gone are the business stories. Now Dobbs is an issue guy -- long before CNN forced perfectly good news anchors like Aaron Brown to become really good feature story narrators, Dobbs already had his single-item newscast. And that item was the influx of foreigners. Undocumented immigrants. "Broken borders," as his graphics read. Or America under siege from Mexicans. The man has immigration on his mind in the worst way, and CNN is letting him scare the bejesus out of the red states with nary a concern that he may have abandoned his anchor chair for a bully pulpit.

Plus, what's happened to Dave Chappelle?

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