Monday, May 04, 2015

What it means to be a minority according to Rand Paul

A recent quote by Rand Paul went like this:
“Bias because of color, because you’re Jewish, or because you’re an Evangelical Christian, or because you teach your kids at home. You can be a minority for a variety of reasons.”

Well, sure. But Evangelical Christians and home schoolers? What about super rich white guys? How many of those are realistically out there, at least as a percentage of the population? Poor bastards.


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  • It's studied ignorance -- something that libertarians are particularly good at. The word "minority" is a shorthand for an oppressed group. The whites in South Africa were a minority of the people but certainly not what we mean when we talk about minorities. What Paul is doing is the same old nonsense of trying to disallow discussion of the issues by defining them out of existence. He really is a vile man.

    By Blogger Frank Moraes, at 6:38 PM  

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