Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Behind the Ad: Get ready Clinton supporters, it's going to get ugly out there (but funny, too)

By Richard Barry

Who: America Rising PAC (conservative)

Where: Iowa

What's going on: As so often happens in presidential politics, you might not even know there was a campaign coming unless you lived in a contested state or region. Last month a conservative PAC called America Rising launched a web ad in certain regions of Iowa aimed at Hillary Clinton called "Trustworthy." The ad makes use of so many quick cuts, comments out of context, blatant misrepresentations, and dark and brooding scenes as to make it absolutely hilarious. 

My favourite part is a cut of long-time Clinton loyalist James Carville complaining that the Clintons are so often the subject of unwarranted attacks that "there is one set of rules for the Clintons," and presumably another set of rules for others who are not attacked as viciously. 
JAMES CARVILLE: There's one set of rules for the Clintons. … Do you remember Whitewater? Do you remember Filegate? You remember Travelgate? Do you remember Pardongate? Do you remember Benghazi?

I'll let you view the ad to see how they twist his words. 

Absurdly cartoonish, but get ready. This web ad probably contains every conceivable line of attack that will be used to attempt to discredit the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. 

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  • I love these posts! It is hard for me to take the ads, without some context. But I have to say, if this is the best they've got, they are doomed. It's a common thing. It's like liberals (I'm included!) who want to attack Jeb Bush on Terri Schiavo. It only works for us. Benghazi wouldn't even be an issue if what they imply here were true. Of course, there is nothing to it, and even our postmodern media wouldn't allow this narrative to go on. And more important, Clinton isn't Kerry. She'd never allow it.

    But it's not a bad ad for Bernie Sanders. These Republicans really are scared of Clinton.

    By Blogger Frank Moraes, at 10:40 PM  

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