Monday, April 20, 2015

Come on, Lindsey Graham, put a little hate in your heart

 By Richard Barry

There you go. Let it out

When did we get to the point that someone's political viability is understood in terms of how much they personally dislike their opponent?
Lindsey Graham says his friendliness with the Clintons should not deter Republicans from considering him for the Republican presidential nomination.

[. . .]

If Republicans can get a qualified nominee, Graham said, Clinton will lose because she represents failed policies under President Barack Obama as secretary of state.

The South Carolina senator said there used to be a time in American politics when people of opposite minds could disagree without calling each other names.

“I don’t dislike Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I think she’s the architect of failed foreign policy. Her and Bill did a better job with selling Obamacare than he did.”

Poor naive man. This election will be about trying to get voters to despise Hillary Clinton and everything about her, and her policies too, if they have time for that. I'd say Graham gets the message or doesn't waste his time declaring his candidacy. 


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