Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Today in slanted news

By Carl

The diplomatic crisis in Ukraine is bad enough and the America government struggles to find a path to work this out are harsh and complex, but see if you can guess where this article was posted:
Is Russian President Vladimir Putin crazy or crazy like a fox?

In remarks quoted by "The New York Times," German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly wondered aloud whether the Kremlin leader was "living in another world." And despite the fact that the German government later denied Merkel's comments, an increasing number of analysts have been suggesting that, with his military intervention in Ukraine, Putin may have indeed taken leave of his senses.

Stanislav Belkovsky, an influential Moscow-based political commentator, says "the poor guy's brain isn't working."

And Andrei Zubov, a professor at the prestigious Moscow State Institute of International Relations, agrees.

"We always make prognoses based on the assumption that the politician, even if selfish and cruel, is intelligent and rational. But what we see now is the behavior of a politician who has lost his mind," Zubov says.

Rumors of Putin's supposed madness have become so prevalent in recent days that one can't help but recall the "madman theory" of former U.S. President Richard Nixon, whose administration tried to plant the suspicion that he was unbalanced in order to scare geopolitical opponents into concessions.

Any guesses? OK, let me give you some clues: Surprisingly, it’s not Fox News.

In fact, it’s not any of the usual right-wing bellicose megaphones.

It is, in truth, our own fucking Congress. I thought politics ended at the shore?

I guess not.

You’re looking at a very dangerous game being played by a highly partisan Republican party trying desperately to make something, anything, stick to Obama.

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