Friday, February 21, 2014

The Canadian men's Olympic team advances to the gold medal game

By Richard K. Barry

The Canadian men's hockey team beat the United States today 1-0 to advance to the gold medal game against Sweden on Sunday. The U.S. will play for the bronze Saturday against Finland, which lost to the Swedes 2-1 in the other semifinal.

Yesterday the Canadian women's hockey team beat their U.S. counterparts 3-2 to win gold in Sochi. They did it by pulling even the with Americans with 55 seconds remaining in the 3rd period before winning with a goal at 8:10 in overtime. 

We do love our hockey here in the Great White North. And though I don't pay a great deal of attention to the Olympics, hockey is so important to Canadians that I'm glad to see them do well. 

I do apologize (sort of) to my American friends for the picture, but it's making the rounds and it's pretty funny, you'll admit. Viva la photoshop.

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