Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Richard K. Barry

As an American living in Canada, I try very hard to get down for the Thanksgiving holiday. It's one of those unusual holidays for me because Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in early October, and the fourth Thursday in November in Canada is just that and nothing more.

Unfortunately, the potentially bad weather kept me in Toronto this year, but I decided to take the day off anyway and with my wife have a nice meal at home. My colleagues are working. Everything else is a normal business day, but I've been watching the parades all morning on TV, with a log on the fire, and I'll watch football later and eat in the late afternoon.

And then I'll Skype the family in Central Jersey, which is how we do it these days.

I wanted to post some Thanksgiving music so did what I always do, which is go online and see what the Internet has to say about appropriate tunes for the occasion. I was rather surprised to see that some people consider the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves" a Thanksgiving song. Whatever. It's also one of my all time favourites, so I couldn't resist.

I'll even split the difference and post a version by Canadian Diana Krall.

To our American friends, from Michael and me and the Reaction team: All the best for Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. 


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