Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silly things morning show hosts ask politicians: Survey says...

By Richard K. Barry

Is there anyone with even a passing acquaintance with American politics who is unaware that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is going to make a run at the presidency in 2016? Yet, for some reason, it was a story yesterday that Christie refused to commit to serving another full term after he is re-elected (and he will be re-elected).
Christie was on "Good Morning America" on the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, but the topic of conversation also included Christie's potential 2016 presidential run -- a campaign that, were he to win, would require him to step down with a year left in his term. "I'm committed to being the best governor New Jersey can have for as long as I can possibly do it," Christie said.

He went on to say the kind of thing elected officials in his position always say, which is, "But, you know, George, neither one of us have a crystal ball and know what's going to happen in the future."
I'll do this job as long and as aggressively as I possibly can, and my current intention is to spend four years, but we'll see what happens, George, you never know what life's gonna bring you.

For those who don't know, Christie's comments are on page 432 of the media relations handbook under the heading: "Shit Politicians Say When They Have No Intention of Serving a Full Term."

Remember that scene in Bull Durham in which Crash Davis teaches "Nuke" LaLoosh how to do media interviews in the major league? Same book. 

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