Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hillary Watch 2016: Ducks and rows

By Richard K. Barry

The Washington Post reported today that Priorites USA Action, a pro-Obama super-PAC, is
quietly positioning itself to become the main independent group funding a media campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, according to Democrats familiar with the plans.

The story also says that having Priorities in Hillary's corner would "introduce a heavyweight player into the rapidly intensifying effort by super-PACs to shape the 2016 landscape." 

You'll recall from the 2012 campaign that Priorities did a masterful job of painting Mitt Romney as a rich d-bag, not that he needed the help. They raised nearly $80 million dollars and established themselves as a serious player in the last cycle.
The people familiar with the plans said Priorities is developing a different mission than Ready for Hillary, a group started this year by ardent Clinton supporters and now backed by longtime Clinton associates. While Ready for Hillary is focused on grass-roots organizing, Priorities is planning to become what one of the Democrats called “the big money vehicle” that would produce and air expensive television advertisements.

That's all very interesting, and I suppose it has to lead other potential Democratic contenders to ask if any smart Democratic money is going to line up behind anyone but Clinton.

When everyone realizes that the answer is no, the next question has to be: In what universe is it conceivable that a political animal such as Hillary Rodham Clinton is not running for the most powerful political job in the world when all the ducks are lining up so nicely?

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