Thursday, May 30, 2013

Because gun nuts are such level headed folks...

By Carl

Hmmm.  Maybe we should start profiling gun owners, too.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the latest high-profile target of poison-tainted letters sent though the mail, police revealed yesterday.The leader of the nation's largest city was threatened anonymously in two letters sent to Bloomberg's offices in Manhattan and Washington, D.C., NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne said. An undisclosed number of New York cops who responded to one of the letters now "are being examined for minor symptoms of ricin exposure," but the potentially dangerous substance never reached the mayor.

"The writer, in the letters, threatened Mayor Bloomberg, with references to the debate on gun laws," Browne said.

Saying he has a "constitutional and God-given right and I will exercise that right 'til I die," the author warned that the government would have to kill him before he would relinquish his weapons, a source told ABC News.

If this had been an arm of Al Qaeda, we’d have raised the terrorist threat level one notch up whatever rainbow we’re using now, and have started locking down mail deliveries.

But because, you know, Christian and likely white, well, we can’t abrogate the freedoms of our citizenry!

Just ask the next swarthy kid you see with a backpack about that.

What is it with gun nuts and the urge to kill people? Why do they think their rights trump the rest of society’s privilege to live in peace and quiet, pursuing what little happiness life provides them in this miserable muck we call “America”? And do they realize that they ARE the muck, and that the rest of society is the boot trying to extricate itself and move forward?

Probably not. That was a self-answering question.

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