Monday, April 22, 2013

Come back, Obama

By Frank Moraes 

Just one more quick note about all the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. I believe that Obama was so quick to call the bombing a terrorist act because, as usual, he's a wimp. I'm sure he is worried that just like in Benghazi, the right wing will attack him for not calling it a terrorist attack. I'm all for being a wimp when it protects a person. I've managed to avoid fights all my adult life by being a wimp. But Obama will not avoid fights this way. If he hadn't called it a terrorist attack, the right would have attacked him. If he said that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be given his Miranda rights, the right would have attacked him. As it is, he has indicated that Tsarnaev will be tried in our regular court system, so the right is attacking him for that.

Will the president never learn that the right will attack him regardless of what he does?

I have an idea for the president. It's radical, I know, but here goes: why doesn't President Obama try to please his base? It is very possible he would actually succeed at that. Trying to please the Republican Party is a fool's errand. In fact, trying to please the centrist Washington insiders is also a fool's errand. Did you read Maureen Dowd over the weekend? The defeat of the gun bill is apparently Obama's fault. She's a great example of how Obama just can't win with the only people he seems to care about winning with.

The clock is running out for the president. He needs to come back to the liberals he was courting all the way through 6 November of last year. Because despite everything, we still like him. And we're the only ones who ever will as long as he is in power.

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