Monday, March 25, 2013

The Autumn Wind Is A Pirate

By Richard K. Barry

I miss NFL football this time of year. Sure, there's all the news about free agency, and the college draft coming soon, but it's not the same thing. 

I happened to be watching the NFL Network yesterday, which I do too often, and caught a segment on Ed Sabol's induction into the Hall of Fame. Ed Sabol started NFL Films, one of the finest entertainment institutions around. I remember growing up with it, the incredible footage, Sam Spence's music, John Facenda's narration. Glorious stuff. 

It got me thinking about the old "Autumn Wind" piece on the Oakland Raiders, narrated by Facenda. It was done in 1974. The poem was written by Steve Sabol, Ed's son and co-founder of NFL Films, and it really captures something about the relationship between autumn and football, two of my favourite things. 

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