Thursday, March 21, 2013

Harry Reid can't fool me twice

Yesterday, Talking Points Memo reported that Harry Reid is upset about the state of the filibuster. He reportedly said, "These two young, fine senators said it was time to change the rules of the Senate, and we didn't. And they were right. The rest of us were wrong—or most of us, anyway. What a shame… If there were anything that ever needed changing in this body, it's the filibuster rule, because it's been abused, abused and abused."

Oh wait! Reid said that early last year. This year, Reid is whining about the stopgap budget deal that is being delayed for no good reason by the filibuster. To this, Reid said, "It is things like that that will cause the Senate to have to reassess all the rules because right now they accomplish so little. I'm disappointed."

How can this be?! Reid and Mitch McConnell shook hands about this! Could it be that Harry Reid was fooled? You know what they say: "Fool me once with a handshake deal, shame on you; Fool me twice with a handshake deal, the Majority leader in the Senate is an idiot."

In all seriousness, I don't see what Reid gets out of his repeated threats to "reassess." Unlike Hary Reid himself, we liberals don't get fooled a second time. He should just keep repeating, "I'm not personally, at this stage, ready to get rid of the 60-vote threshold." If he says that three times, he gets a pony.

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