Thursday, February 21, 2013

The consequences of ignoring polls

By Richard K. Barry

All politicians claim that they don't govern according to public opinion polls, but few successful politicians are stupid enough to disregard them completely. 

According to Bloomberg:
President Barack Obama enters the latest budget showdown with Congress with his highest job- approval rating in three years and public support for his economic message, while his Republican opponents’ popularity stands at a record low.
Fifty-five percent of Americans approve of Obama’s performance in office, his strongest level of support since September 2009, according to a Bloomberg National poll conducted Feb. 15-18. Only 35 percent of the country has a favorable view of the Republican Party, the lowest rating in a survey that began in September 2009. The party’s brand slipped six percentage points in the last six months, the poll shows.

As I sit hear writing this, MSNBC's Chuck Todd just whispered in my right hear that it looks as though President Obama is in a good position and most Americans aren't yet really paying attention. When they do, things could get much words for the GOP. 

Or, as the Bloomberg piece continues:
Obama’s positive standing with the public provides him with political leverage as Americans assess blame for any furloughs, disruption of government services or damage to the economy if the spending cuts aren’t averted. The repercussions also could help shape the battleground for the 2014 midterm congressional elections.

Go ahead, you GOP knuckleheads. Ignore the polls. Be "ideological purists," all the way to a new round of electoral disaster. That'll really piss off the Democrats.

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