Saturday, February 09, 2013

Big problem for Chris Christie

By Mustang Bobby

I’m not going to make snarky comments about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s size or weight. I don’t like it when people make fat jokes — or skinny jokes, for that matter. It’s childish and not a lot different than making jokes about someone’s sexuality or race. Trying to shame them into “doing something” about their appearance to make them fit into some kind of societal norm is bullying.

And it’s not as if Gov. Christie doesn’t know that his weight is a part of his public image. He joked about it on David Letterman. But that doesn’t give others the right to pile on, and the former White House doctor who concern trolled about him last week was out of line.

His response to the doctor was to pick up the phone, call her at home, and yell at her. If you’re planning on running for president some day, showing that you have anger management issues isn’t exactly a selling point.

We already knew that he has a short fuse. That may be an asset in some settings, but it’s not exactly a quality you want in a person who has aspirations to access to the nuclear codes and the 82nd Airborne.

This clip from The West Wing pretty much sums it up.

Chris Christie needs a C.J. Cregg.

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